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From the Mayor's Desk

A busy & rewarding day being the mayor of Brantford

The morning is spent on administrivia and catching up on my reading.  Why is it that the more you catch up, the further behind you seem to fall.  I can take 30 items off my desk and when I come back from getting a coffee, there are another 30 waiting.

The official part of my day started with the United Way lunch to celebrate the campaign achievement.  I have always believed that the United Way is a bell-weather for the health and morale of the community. 

If the campaign succeeds, there is growth in the company campaigns, if more leaders come into the program then the community generally is in the same mood.  It is also important because the United Way has such a remarkable record of helping people in our community through so many great community organizations.

Thousands of volunteers and donors helped the United Way to go over the top and achieve their goal of $1.525 million.  An achievement for which everyone should be proud.

I race from the lunch to the Gretzky Centre to do a 1:30 interview with CTV.  They are in town to talk about the progress of the Centre and how we have advanced the sponsorship program.

I have to make my way to Rogers because I have agreed to do Sean Allen's political show with Councillor John Utley at 2:00.  We have agreed to talk about the budget; philosophically Councillor Utley and I are kilometers apart on how the budget should function, but we are always able to speak civilly about these issues and make sure that the community comes first. 

The new reality of budgeting in a single tier municipality have started to hit home, and while Council members talk about finding volunteers to provide services, they also were not willing to discuss rebuilding the volunteer base.  It is one of those things that, because we haven't taken seriously the rapid decline in the number of volunteers operating in our community, and because we aren't prepared to make the necessary investment to rebuild a culture of volunteerism, when we reach a point that we need volunteers for budgeting reasons -- they just aren't there.  That's the facts folks.

I have to make a couple of phone calls, so I pull over just outside Greenwood cemetery and make the calls.  I am often concerned about how I look sitting there, looking out the window, often passionate and animated -- I must look like a nut.

I'm not going to get a break today, so I take a semi-regular walk through Greenwood Cemetery.      

Personal time is over and I head to BGH for 4:00 to discuss the McMaster residency program that Council has approved $750,000 for capital works.  The program will create a residency program for Brantford, as well as Brant, Six Nations, Haldimand and Norfolk.  The program will be based in Brantford and the plans are very exciting for our community.

I grab a tea and head un-named media outlet for a live chat experience.  I have agreed to do the live chats on a monthly basis, and I always find it to be an interesting gauge of what is on people's minds in Brantford.

Finally I head to City Hall to Chair the Task Force on Dangerous Play in Sport.  I find these meetings to be fascinating and we have been able to get representatives from the two regional governing bodies and from the official's association around the table.  This Task Force will make a difference, everyone can tell and is excited.

Well after 9:00 I head home, a long, diverse and very rewarding day -- is it only Tuesday?