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Born and raised in Brantford, like you, I'm a hard working husband and father who is fueled by the desire to make Brantford the very best that it can be; not just for the sake of my children, but for my children's children - and all generations to come.  We are all doing the best to live in the present, our goals are to put food on the table, and provide every opportunity for our children; paying for those dance lessons, tournaments, graduations gifts or music lessons.  I am living our present in Brantford, and I am committed to leading our future.

Headshot of Brantford’s Mayor Chris Friel, wearing the chain of officeSince my first election in 1994, Brantford has thrived into a new 21st century city.  Under my leadership we've realized unprecedented growth and prosperity.  We've witnessed a shift in our industry drivers, the creation and booming growth to our post-secondary sector, and we have worked together to make our city one of the most progressive communities in the province.

I am committed to creating a community where the jobs are going to be, not where we remember they were.  Small and medium sized businesses are our future.  We need to get smart and move toward a knowledge based workforce.

Boundary Adjustment is vital to the future of our community.  We need a new model for our relationships with our neighbours, it is time to look beyond our history to developing 21st Century political partnerships.  No one community should undermine the independence or cultural of any other.  We will respect how we define ourselves, and we will expect that our partners do the same.

For the good of the environment, for the good of our children, for the good of the families and homeowners, for the good of our development future.  I will use my mandate to take Brantford to the next level to capitalize on the great work that has already been started.


Chris' interest in politics can be traced back to his university days where he completed his Bachelor of Arts, Honours Political Science degree in 1989 from the University of Waterloo.